Do You Know the Benefits of Dental Implants for Replacing Lost Teeth?

Not so long ago, if you were trying to replace missing teeth in your smile, you would typically be considering dental bridges or dentures. But now you have a more advanced tooth replacement option available, thanks to dental implants. This unique tooth replacement choice looks, feels and functions like your own teeth by replicating the structure of natural teeth as... read more »

Wisdom Teeth Removal Facts

Getting wisdom teeth removed is almost as common as getting braces. Just about everyone will need wisdom teeth removed, just like most everyone needs some sort of orthodontic treatment. However, just like we see with braces, there’s a lot of incorrect information out there about wisdom teeth. Today, we want to help make the process clear for you. We believe... read more »

Do You Know what an Oral Surgeon Does?

Do you know what an oral surgeon does? Or do you just think that they’re the folks who take your wisdom teeth out - and take those hilarious videos after? If it’s the latter, you’re not alone. That’s the mindset most people have, but the truth is that oral surgeons do so much more than just removing wisdom teeth and... read more »

Age Comes with Wisdom and Wisdom Teeth

We all change as we grow older and hopefully learn a little wisdom as we go along. Your teeth also change with time, and as we reach adulthood, our wisdom teeth can begin to appear. Wisdom teeth, for most people, can be a threat to your oral health and the surrounding teeth in your smile. To help you understand more... read more »