Our Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Has the Training and Experience You Want for Your Treatment

Have you been wondering what exactly oral and maxillofacial surgeons do? We specialize in diagnosing and treating a variety of diseases, injuries and defects involving the head, neck, face and jaws as well as the hard and soft tissues in the oral and maxillofacial areas of the body. We are... Read more »

Have You Been Thinking About Getting Dental Implants To Replace Damaged Teeth?

Do you have damaged or missing teeth? Do you want a tooth replacement option that isn’t dentures or bridgework? If so, dental implants may be perfect for your smile! Implants are modern marvels that effectively replace tooth roots, allowing your “new” teeth to function, feel, and look like your natural... Read more »

Oral Cancer Awareness Week Is in April and Can Help Save Lives!

Oral Cancer Awareness Week is observed on April 3 – 9, 2022 (thanks to the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance). It is supported by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery to draw attention to this often fatal disease and how early detection is the key to surviving cancer.... Read more »

What To Expect if You Have a Tooth That Needs To Be Extracted

Do you need to have one or more permanent teeth extracted? For adults, there are a variety of reasons why a tooth may need to be removed from the roots. Some of those include severe damage from tooth decay, trauma from a fall or blow to the face, or bacterial... Read more »

How You Can Facilitate a Speedy and Comfortable Recovery After Getting Oral Surgery

If you are planning to have oral surgery, the best thing you can do is to take good care of your mouth post-recovery. This way, recovery can be quick and easy with few complications. Oral surgery, like wisdom teeth removal or dental implant surgery, can be easily navigated if you... Read more »

Understanding What a Dental Bone Graft Is and Whether You Need One

There are times when you might need the help of a dental bone graft because you have lost vital bone density in your jaw, where the bone resorbs (melts away), negatively impacting your surrounding teeth. Bone loss occurs when your mouth suffers trauma, tooth loss or advanced gum (periodontal) disease.... Read more »

Protect Your Smile From Dental Trauma During the Holidays!

Winter is coming, and if you are anything like us, you are likely busy preparing for the holidays to celebrate with family and friends. Because this time of year is so busy, it’s easy to overindulge in your favorite annual treats while tempted to slack on your daily oral hygiene... Read more »

Simple Tips To Help You Prepare for Your Oral Surgery and the Aftercare

If you are contemplating having oral surgery, here is what you should know to best prepare yourself for a hassle-free experience. Know that you are in good company as millions of people just like you undergo oral surgery for one of the following conditions: Tooth Extraction Wisdom Teeth Removal Dental... Read more »

What To Do if You Experience Dental Anxiety Before Treatment

Our team’s job is to help your smile function to its full capacity. If you have dental anxiety, our team of professionals can help you through the treatment process. We know how important it is for your overall health to have healthy teeth and gums. If you have concerns about... Read more »

September Is National Gum Care Month. Do You Know How To Protect Your Gums for a Healthier Smile?

September is National Gum Care Month, and it is a big deal for your oral health. Good oral health is the foundation to a healthy-looking, self-confident appearance when it comes to your smile. By ensuring healthy teeth and gums – because when it comes to tooth loss, it is not... Read more »