Our oral surgeons and team love the community in which we live, and we love serving our friends and neighbors in any way we can. Oral Surgery Partners is involved in a number of programs and events in our community. Explore the page below to learn about our community involvement in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles and Westchester, California. For more information, please contact our office today at 310-641-6124.

Crowns for Kids Program

The Community Outreach Committee at West Los Angeles Dental Society (WLADS) has been working hard to help the South Bay Children’s Health Center (SBCHC) provide dental care to dentally underserved children in our community. The Crowns for Kids Program, which was spearheaded by Dr. Westernoff, had a very successful first year. Any oral surgeon can collect crowns from their patients. It is easy to ask, and patients feel like they are giving back, as well. You would be amazed how many people donate.

With the help of just three volunteer oral surgeons, Dr. Saro Setian, Dr. Noriko Satake, and Dr. Westernoff, we were able to generate enough money from recycled gold crowns to support two months of dental supplies for SBCHC. A total sum of $3,183 was donated as a direct result of this program in 2014.

Creating Bright Smiles — Volunteer Community Outreach Program


CDA Cares

From Dr. Trent Westernoff:
On November 21-22, 2014, I had the opportunity to volunteer my services as a dental surgeon. The CDA Foundation did a great job in organizing this event. If you like to volunteer, click the link below and you will see that there are medical and non-medical volunteer positions available. Read to learn more.

An estimated 10 million Californians experience barriers to dental care. The California Dental Association Foundation and CDA host CDA Cares, a program that allows volunteer dentists, with the assistance of other dental professionals and community volunteers, to provide dental services at no charge to more than 2,000 patients at each event.

August 2014

Dr. Barry Johnsin and Dr. Trent Westernoff held their annual “End of Summer Team Appreciation Party.” Guests were asked to fill a box of dental supplies for SBCHC’s clinic. Read more about this event in the SBCHC Today newsletter.

Give Kids a Smile

The American Dental Association started Give Kids a Smile (GKAS) nine years ago. It is the nation’s largest proactive approach to serving the dental needs of children from low income families who do not have access to care. The program includes education, as well as preventative and restorative care. GKAS takes place in every state. The program is supported by the California Dental Association. GKAS is an annual centerpiece to National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM), and is observed every year on the first Friday in February, while NCDHM is celebrated during the entire month of February.

Western Los Angeles Dental Society (WLADS) has assisted in organizing a community GKAS event with the South Bay Children’s Health Center (SBCHC) for the past few years. As a member of the WLADS board, Dr. Westernoff has supported these events by recruiting volunteer dentists and securing supplies and funding.

In 2010, Oral Surgery Partners volunteered a weekend day for no-cost oral surgical services in support of the GKAS’s annual event with SBCHC. The success of this program was brought about through coordinated care with Dr. Megha Sata, who is the primary dentist at SBCHC.

We are looking forward to the next GKAS event on February 4-5, 2018, at the SBCHC’s new location in Lawndale, California. Drs. Johnsin and Westernoff — along with the [practice_naem] team — expect to continue their support at their office in Redondo Beach.

Remote Area Medical (RAM)

Founded in 1985 by Stan Brock, this Tennessee-based, non-profit organization initially provided remote medical services developed in the Amazon rainforest for the Wapishana Indians. Since then he has expanded his services to remote and underserved areas throughout the world.

RAM sponsored two Los Angeles events in August 2009 and April 2010. Approximately 700 volunteers donated their time and talents to thousands of needy Southern California residents. Each event spanned approximately seven days and provided free medical, dental and vision care to approximately 8,000 uninsured or under-insured patients.

The first event was at the Los Angeles Forum.

Drs. Johnsin and Westernoff both have supported this charitable event by treating patients for their oral surgical needs.

Oral Surgery Partners joins forces with Everyone for Veterans.

Dr. Trent Westernoff and Dr. Martin Mardirosian are proud to support local veterans by participating in the Everyone for Veterans. This valuable program pairs local, under-served veterans to participants in order to receive needed services and support.

For more information about the program, visit