Full-Arch Treatment With the All-on-4® Concept

We understand how complete teeth loss can impact health, appearance, and quality of life. Restoring the beauty and function of your smile with dental implants can transform your life, improving your health and allowing you to enjoy eating the foods you love.


Full-Arch Treatment


Full arch dental implant treatment has dramatically improved the quality of life, as well as the appearance and function of the teeth and smile for thousands of our patients. We invite you to hear about this experience from one of our patients.

The All-on-4 ® treatment concept was developed to provide a solution for complete tooth replacement that can be completed in a shorter period of time than other treatment options, utilizing fewer implants.


The "All-on-4" concept provides a full upper or lower arch of "fixed" (nonremovable) replacement teeth supported by four implants. Two of the implants in each arch are placed at an angle to avoid critical anatomical structures, such as the sinus cavities in the upper jaw and the nerve running through the lower jaw. This enables the surgeon to take advantage of available bone rather than grafting bone to improve the foundation for dental implants.

Patients begin the process with a comprehensive exam, including a 3D image of their teeth and jaws, which is used for treatment planning and to create a set of temporary replacement teeth. On the day of the surgery, the temporary set of replacement teeth is attached to the dental implants immediately after the implant placement surgery. The final set of replacement teeth are placed several months later.

Although this treatment concept is an excellent option for many patients, it is not always suitable for all patients who need complete tooth replacement. For instance, there is more support for replacement teeth when six implants are placed in the upper jaw, where the bone is less dense than the bone in the lower jaw. Also, it is not always the best option for people who have worn dentures for several years and have lost a significant amount of bone, which could make it difficult to achieve a truly aesthetic result.

We encourage patients who are interested in All-on-4 implants in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, and Westchester, California, to explore all of their treatment options with their general dentist or prosthodontist and schedule a consultation with our oral surgeons at Oral Surgery Partners to determine the best treatment option for their individual needs.