Age Comes with Wisdom and Wisdom Teeth

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We all change as we grow older and hopefully learn a little wisdom as we go along. Your teeth also change with time, and as we reach adulthood, our wisdom teeth can begin to appear. Wisdom teeth, for most people, can be a threat to your oral health and the surrounding teeth in your smile.

To help you understand more about the damage wisdom teeth can do, our oral surgeons with Oral Surgery Partners in Los Angeles, California, are happy to share this information with you:

-Wisdom teeth can cause horrible pain as they cut through your gums. If there is not enough room for your wisdom teeth to come in appropriately, the pain can also happen as it becomes impacted or stuck into another tooth unable to move.

-If there is no room for your wisdom teeth in the back of your jaw, your other neighboring teeth may be pushed out of proper alignment causing your teeth to become crooked and misaligned. In fact, several orthodontists recommend the removal of wisdom teeth before orthodontic treatment can occur to avoid this common concern.

-If your wisdom teeth are impacted, cysts can form near the impacted tooth, which can hurt the root of your other teeth nearby and damage the underlying bone in your jaw.

-Wisdom teeth have been known to cause infections because they cause your gums to bleed or chip, crack or destroy your other neighboring teeth.

-Gum disease can also strike when your wisdom teeth appear because your gums become swollen, weak, sore, and damaged. Bacteria can be present in an open cut that leads to infections and gum disease, which is always important to avoid.

If you have any questions about your wisdom teeth, or if you would like to have them removed, please call 310-641-6124 to make an appointment. Our team can give you a consultation on your oral health and find the best way to combat your wisdom teeth for you. Dr. Barry Johnsin, Dr. Trent Westernoff, and Dr. Martin Mardirosian look forward to working with you!