Tips to Save Your Tooth Socket

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While it’s optimal to preserve your natural teeth, if your smile is affected by trauma or disease, you may need to have a tooth pulled instead of receiving a dental restoration. Following a tooth extraction, the tooth socket will require special care so that it can remain optimal for tooth replacement.

The space left behind from a tooth extraction needs to form a blood clot in order to protect the empty space and cover the exposed nerves and bone. Otherwise, this area can be left vulnerable to the effects of bacteria and infection. It’s important to exercise caution to not dislodge or lose the blood clot, otherwise dry socket could result and cause significant oral discomfort. We can help you prevent further complications to the extraction site following the removal of a tooth.

Dr. Barry Johnsin, Dr. Trent Westernoff, Dr. Martin Mardirosian and our team can provide instruction on after-care following your tooth extraction, and some common guidelines to caring for your tooth socket include foregoing the use of a toothbrush for about 24 hours and instead rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash to allow the clot to form. When you do brush your teeth, be careful when cleaning around the neighboring teeth and avoid the extraction site until it has healed.

Soft and cool foods are ideal after having a tooth removed because they don’t require much chewing, though when you do chew, use the side of your mouth that is opposite the extraction site. Avoid drinking through a straw for a while because it can dislodge the blood clot through the suction. Similarly, we recommend against tobacco use and smoking so that you don’t run the risk of infection and failure to clot.

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