Preventing Tooth Abscess Following Dental Infection

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The primary goal of our oral surgeons and our dental team is to help our patients maintain healthy smiles with proper dental habits. If you have developed a dental infection, we encourage you to treat it now to avoid tooth abscess.

While the human body is often very effective at fighting off infections, your teeth can pose complications because infection develops in the tooth center, which means it can’t be accessed with antibodies. Most often, infected teeth need to undergo root canal therapy.

Teeth can become infected as a result of tooth decay or oral trauma affecting the tooth nerves. Infection can quickly spread if not treated, eventually reaching the area between the tooth and underlying bone and resulting in a painful tooth abscess. Your body can resist the development of an abscess for a long while, but it can’t eliminate the tooth infection itself.

The best method is to prevent tooth infection is by practicing effective oral hygiene habits, including brushing and flossing every day and maintaining your six-month dental checkups at Oral Surgery Partners. You can also fight tooth decay by consuming a healthy diet that includes lots of vegetables and fruits. If you notice signs of an infected tooth, seek dental treatment as soon as possible to restore the health of the tooth before it develops an abscess.

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