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Dr. Johnsin


     “My general dentist referred me to Dr. Johnsin to discuss replacing two decayed teeth with dental implants. Examination of the gum and bone revealed that implants were a viable option for tooth replacement, and after further discussion about the long term health of the total mouth I also decided to replace an existing four-tooth partial and a three-tooth bridge that had significantly deteriorated. All nine implants were placed at a single appointment under a local anesthetic. I was able to talk to Dr. Johnsin during the entire procedure, and it did not take much longer than an ordinary dental appointment. There was no pain involved, only very minor discomfort, and I was able to drive myself home without assistance. During the course of the entire treatment, Dr. Johnsin and my dentist worked in close coordination with constant communication regarding my case, its level of progress, and the upcoming steps in the procedure. The results have been extremely satisfying and now I can eat foods that I have been avoiding for years with ease. My mouth feels and looks normal again!”

— Robert E. Morse

“I can’t thank Dr. Johnsin enough for being there for me. He isn’t just a good doctor, he’s a caring person, and his staff is very caring, too! My thanks to all of you!”

— Bettian Pollack

“During the summer of 2004, Dr. Johnsin and his staff made a difficult and painful condition as bearable as possible. Dr. Johnsin’s “chairside manner” was kind and reassuring while inspiring absolute confidence in his professionalism. The members of his staff were patient and understanding, without being saccharine – I felt they sincerely cared about my health and comfort. I have enjoyed a full recovery and will always be grateful for the treatment I received in this

–Dan Lichtenstein

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Here about Cherry who was diagnosed with a salivary stone.

“My experiences with Dr. Barry Johnsin and his staff has been 100% positive from start to finish. I could see that he was a perfectionist and really enjoyed his work. He gets as excited about the results as the patient does. His staff is very friendly and quite efficient. They have a great team. I am usually afraid of all medical procedures and have a very low threshold to pain, after meeting Dr. Johnsin I had such confidence in him that I decided to have four implants done at the same time. The staff was very understanding and made me feel very calm. The entire experience was positive with excellent results. I am so very happy that I had the implants. It is really a gift to be able to get back the teeth you thought were lost forever. I would highly recommend Dr. Johnsin to anyone who is considering this surgery. Any fears you have will turn out to be totally unfounded.”

–Bethann Harrington

“When my upper front tooth broke off, my general dentist sent me to Dr. Johnsin that day. He immediately pulled the remainder of my tooth, and placed the implant. After carefully checking its progress over several months, we proceed to the second stage of the implant where Dr. Johnsin removed the healing cap and put in the post that would support the crown. I’m very satisfied with the quick, painless work and the appearance of my new tooth.”

–Phyllis King

“A year ago I went to see Dr. Johnsin for treatment of advanced gum disease and bone loss. Dr. Johnsin immediately consulted with my general dentist to formulate a long-range plan to not only restore my teeth but to restore my gums to a healthy condition to prevent further decay and tooth loss. They took time to explain all the procedures that would be involved and how long it would take. I was very nervous about the surgery but Dr. Johnsin and his staff was so kind, caring and professional that they put my fears to rest. I woke up from the surgery with a temporary in place and went home to recuperate. Dr. Johnsin called me at home to check on my progress and to wish me well in my recovery. In spite of losing some teeth, I had minimal bleeding and minimal pain. By the next day I no longer needed the painkillers that were prescribed. On the third day after my surgery, I joined friends for dinner at a restaurant. I would never have believed that I would be eating at a restaurant three days after major oral surgery. This is a testament to the expertise of Dr. Johnsin for he is truly a master of his craft.”

–Kathleen Durazo

“I am one of those people that get so nervous at the dentist I almost pass out by the time I get to the office. I just started my second implant procedure with Dr. Johnsin and his staff,
and once again I have not been disappointed. Each procedure has been the most painless and comfortable medical procedure I have ever had. From the
time you step into the office until your final check up – they are the finest medical team I know.”

— Margaret S. Dano

“I wanted to send you this card to thank you and your staff for taking such good care of me during a recent tooth extraction and bone graft surgery. I was scared to death when I came in to your office for a pre-surgery exam. Lexine and Denise were so kind and really helped calm me down and convince me that I would be OK. On the day of the surgery, Rafael and Mike treated me great and really put me at ease before the surgery and got me all prepped and ready to go. Thank you to you as well Dr. Johnsin for being such a pro. You did the surgery better than I could have expected with less pain than I thought. Kudos to both you and your staff of all stars!!”

— Mike Lewis

“Thank you for making our procedures so smooth and virtually painless. We are both very delighted with our care and with your wonderful after care personal attention… We love you!”

— Africa Tejeda and Barbara Tellstrom

“Just a note to express my appreciation for your exquisite implant work on my little front tooth. You and your staff are all very welcoming and professional and I would recommend anyone I know to travel to your offices for any implant dental services. Thank you again. “

— Judy Bruno


Dr. Westernoff


     “I just wanted to say thank you to you and your entire team. I was extremely nervous to have my wisdom teeth removed (and my first surgery), and you and your team made it as smooth and painless as possible. I can’t thank you enough for your calming presence and humor and your assistant’s kind words and nurturing. It does not go unnoticed and unappreciated! Thanks again!”

— Katlyn Schlatter

     “I had a back molar that cracked off right to the gum line. I really
dreaded having it taken care of because of what was involved – you
don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know it wouldn’t be easy to say
the least. So my dentist recommended Dr. Westernoff and during the
consultation he explained in detail what needed to be done and he went
to work. It was done in about fifteen minutes and my anxiety had
switched from taking the tooth out to recovery. But to my total
amazement I had virtually no pain afterwards. I want to thank Dr.
Westernoff and his staff for a wonderful experience!”

— Anthony Amorosi

     “I am writing to let both you and your office staff know that my recent dental implant procedures were the best dental experiences that I have ever had at a dental office!  Your thorough explanations and gentle touch removed any anxiety that I had and resulted in minimal discomfort. I am so glad that I made the trip all the way across the country to keep you as my doctor!  Your staff is also caring and supportive.  Thank you again for the outstanding care.  With love and warmest regards,”

— Deana Ruel


     “Thank you! Your service was greatly appreciated.  You and your staff made me feel very comfortable. Your an awesome surgeon with outstanding bedside manners?  I will tell our patients that need your service how great you are.”

— Crystal LaFordge

     “Thank you so much for being such a GREAT oral surgeon!! It took a bit (perhaps age related?), but my mouth is completely healed!! It’s obvious that you truly care about your patients!! You’re a great doctor… Thanks again!!.”

— Gail Robinson

     “I can’t thank you enough for saving my dental implant (and my vacation!) on such short notice. Both you & your staff make each visit a pleasure and your skillful dentistry is truly a credit to your profession. I will recommend you at every opportunity. Thank you again for everything.”

— Gina Draudt

     “I can not tell you all how grateful I am to have found your practice to help me achieve repairing all that need repairing in my mouth. You all make it such a pleasure coming there and are so professional. I look forward to coming in… how many folks can say that about their oral surgeon! Again, thank you all for everything.”

— Janice Dannebaum

     “Thank you again for taking such good care of my son Sean. His gums are healing well. Although breaking his front tooth at the park was a traumatic experience, you along with your office staff made Sean’s extraction experience a very comfortable one (even fun). I understand better why Dr. Roger Gillespie has always referred his patients to you now. Thanks so much! ”

— Jeanne Brussell


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