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What are dental implants?
Implants are devices for fixing replacement teeth firmly to the oral tissues (bone and gum).

How old is dental implantology?
Dental implantology dates back to the early Egyptians! Modern oral implantology dates back about 35 years. The newest bone integrated implants have a success rate of more than 98%.

How do the dental profession and insurance companies regard implants?
Dental implants have achieved wide acceptance. People are seeking alternatives to removable teeth, missing teeth or to drilling healthy teeth in order to restore their smiles. The American Dental Association (ADA) has endorsed dental implants. Long-term studies have been conducted by numerous implant academies. Some states make it mandatory for patients’ treatment plans to include the option of dental implants.

The ADA now has an insurance code for dental implants and some insurance companies may now reimburse work for implants and/or the related procedures and prosthesis based on group enrollment. All of this means implants work!

What are the advantages of dental implants?
Dental Implants can offer solutions for:

  • The patient that cannot speak or chew comfortably with conventional dentures.
  • The patient who is missing teeth and wants to avoid a removable partial denture.
  • The patient who has an exaggerated gag reflex and cannot maintain dentures of any kind in the mouth.
  • The patient who is wearing dentures and wants a fixed appliance to increase the function, appearance, hygiene, and the psychological acceptance of replacement teeth.
  • The patient who seeks an increased ability to chew better to aid in the digestive process.

Are there patients who should not have dental implants?
Most patients who are healthy enough to undergo normal dental treatment can have dental implants. Age by itself is not a deterring factor. General health conditions and the structure of the mouth can preclude the use of implants. For this reason, an individual evaluation is necessary.

Will implants function as well as my original teeth?
Nothing is as good as the original. Implants are better than removable teeth or living with missing teeth. Most patients forget that they have implants.

Is special care needed for implants?
Dental implants and the prosthesis placed with them should be cared for as you would your natural teeth. Implants can fail from a lack of proper oral hygiene, which also affects natural teeth. You need regular dental check-ups and cleanings on a schedule that has been determined by your doctor (usually a minimum of every six months). Our doctors will talk to you about the proper care of your implants.

How long will my implants last?
Some patients have had implants for more than 25 years. The question of longevity must be put in perspective for each patient. General health, oral health, and hygiene can all effect your long-term prognosis. Your doctor will speak with you about your case and what you can expect.

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